Plumbing Company in Marlborough | The Benefits of a New Bathroom

Are you interested in having a new bathroom installed? On this page, our skilled plumbing contractors will outline the benefits of a quality bathroom replacement. Here at ASA Plumbing and Heating Ltd, our plumbing company offers a wide range of plumbing services for customers across Marlborough and the wider Wiltshire area.

These include:

  • Accessible Bathrooms

  • Boiler Repairs

  • Boiler Maintenance

  • Bathroom Replacements

  • Central Heating Installations

  • New Heating Systems

  • And More from Talented Plumbing Contractors…


New Look

Tired of the same old fittings in your bathroom? Need a change? Whether you haven’t refurbished your home in a while or have recently moved into a new property, it is important to keep your living space in tune with your current tastes. One of the main reasons we are hired to install new bathrooms for our customers in Marlborough is that our customers require a new look.

As a plumbing company with more than fifty years of experience, you can count on us to offer disability wet rooms, accessible bathrooms and much more. We also provide boiler repairs, central heating installations and much more alongside our bathroom replacements.


While you may be happy with the aesthetics of your bathroom, there is no doubt that modernising the technology can make a big difference. A heated mirror, for instance, ensures that your mirror will never fog up again during a hot shower. Get in touch with one of our engineers today to learn more about our options for your home or business.

Improve Value

Not only will our bathrooms add a chic, innovative touch to your property, but they will also increase its value. A home with a brand-new, modern bathroom is a far more attractive prospect than a home with a rundown bathroom. You are investing in the future with one of our new bathrooms, making sure that your home is appreciating while you enjoy a more up-to-date living space.

The smart choice for disability wet rooms, boiler repairs, central heating installations and much more, you can trust our experienced plumbing company to find the perfect solution for your property. We never compromise on quality and always attain full customer satisfaction before signing off on a job. Call us today to learn more about our new heating systems, boiler maintenance service and our other options for your Marlborough property.

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